Mission Statement

Psy pour Haiti has been created to address the urgent need for mental health services in Haiti. Working in close collaboration with the Haitian people, Psy pour Haiti aims to promote resilience and enhance mental health by providing sustainable services, support and training to people and organizations where mental health services are insufficient.

About Us

Psy pour Haiti is a non-profit organization founded to provide rapid responses to critical ongoing mental health needs in Haiti which have been highlighted by the earthquake of January 2010.
It is our goal to empower and enable the Haitian people to meet these needs as quickly as possible with resources developed within the country.

Our Work

Psy pour Haiti is providing training to Haitians for primary-level intervention in order to prevent chronicity of sequelae and avoid the need for specialized care whenever possible. In conjunction with existing hospitals, Psy pour Haiti is establishing psychological services where consulting a specialist is now possible on a regular basis.
Aware of the heavy burden carried by many with high responsibilities, Psy pour Haiti offers special support, resources and coaching to those in leadership capacities.


Current services include:

  1. Regular, ongoing training programs in French for Haitians, equipping them in basic listening and counseling skills for use in their communities.
  2. Once-a-quarter drop-in psychological consultations on a first-come-first-serve basis in conjunction with 2 hospitals, one in Port-au-Prince and another in Cap Haitien.
  3. Regular networking meetings for leaders for peer-debriefing, supervision and support. Specialized individual help is available on request.


Denise Bouvier
IBAN: CH26 80442 0000 5203 1179